Services & Pricing

I love what I do, and that’s why my rates are lower than most. Working and living independently is my dream job! I’ve listed out my services and pricing below, but each service is negotiable, especially to startups. If you are based in Anchorage, let’s talk!

  • Instagram management + photography - $650/mo

Instagram management and photography as a bundle works amazingly because YOU can be completely hands-off! This means I curate hashtags for your account (and I do it strategically so that you’re constantly getting new followers - yay growth!), come to your coffee shops and photograph your baristas in their natural environment, and create engaging content that prompts your followers to constantly be involved. SO MANY COFFEE SHOPS should be taking advantage of this service because it creates community and helps your customers get to know your baristas. How do you create a regular customer flow with people who return over and over again? You let them see who you really are. You engage with them. You reply to their comments and ask about their vacation, or their dog, or their event coming up. It’s all about being interested in them, and I can help you do that.

Includes: 5 posts per week (I don’t post on weekends because that’s when I’m out enjoying my fam!) - custom photography and the occasional styled shoot (please note: most of my photography is going to be “lifestyle” - where the baristas are simply in their natural habitat, making coffees, laughing with each other, etc) - custom content - custom hashtags

I will also keep an eye on your analytics and send you a weekly report of growth. We can establish realistic goals together.

  • Add-on: Website Management - $50/mo

  • Add-on: Website Creation - $200 one time fee

  • Add-on: Facebook Page Management - $100/mo

Phone: (907) 223-4457 (Please text!)