Allie is a blogger living in Alaska with her husband (a drummer/rapper and audio editor) and daughter (a threenager). She works at a bank as a supervisor and ... why am I even bothering with writing this in the third person? Literally nothing else on this website is in third person. What am I doing?! 

Hi. I'm Allie. I love all sorts of super basic things, like pumpkin spice lattes (although I have to get 1.5 pumps of flavor instead of the full amount because WOW, pumpkin!) and giant sunglasses and yoga pants. I never fit in anywhere, and that's why I started blogging 13 years ago. Back in the days of Xanga and MySpace, I was cool anytime I logged into my own website. I had comments from people across the world who loved my writing. I created my own community. I met others struggling with the same things I was encountering in my life.

Now, a decade + later, after several phases of blogging (including the business phase and the lifestyle phase), I'm just trying to write whatever makes me happy. Sometimes that's going to be parenting tips because I'm a mom. Sometimes, it'll be lifestyle pieces or tutorials. Sometimes, I'll create vlogs and post those.

Around here, I like to do what makes me feel like I'm thriving through life.

I hope this blog can feed your soul the way it feeds mine.

xoxo, Allie