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Hi! I’m Allie and I’m a social media manager for coffee shops based in Anchorage, Alaska!

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I’ve been a barista now for about 10 years, on and off, and it’s one of my greatest joys. Seeing smiles as I hand out coffee (I call it ‘life-blood’) to regulars gives me such a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. I’m no longer actively working as a barista, but I still visit the coffee shop every morning to get my daily cup of life-blood.

Coffee shops are one of my biggest passions. I fully believe you can make or break someone’s entire day by their first interaction at the coffee shop. A poorly made coffee can result in a poor day. A bright smile and a delicious cup of coffee = an amazing day. That’s why coffee is my passion. Coffee shops, coffee culture, baristas. I think they’re far more important than anyone else you might encounter in a given day.

In addition to loving coffee, I’m also a photographer. I LOVE capturing the joy in daily life and I enjoy candid moments the most. You can read more about my services below.

A few random facts about me:

  • I won the Alaska State Fair Grand Champion Fiddler title in 2009.

  • I’ve been a computer/tech nerd since I was 13.

  • I first held a camera when I was 12 and I was hooked. The rest is history!

  • I am obsessed with relationships and building them. I think they make the world go round.

  • Business is my hobby. And my job.

  • I have a toddler who is 3 and she’s my favorite little person ever!


Services & Pricing

I love what I do, and that’s why my rates are lower than most. Working and living independently is my dream job! I’ve listed out my services and pricing below, but each service is negotiable, especially to startups. If you are based in Anchorage, let’s talk!

  • Instagram management + photography - $650/mo

Instagram management and photography as a bundle works amazingly because YOU can be completely hands-off! This means I curate hashtags for your account (and I do it strategically so that you’re constantly getting new followers - yay growth!), come to your coffee shops and photograph your baristas in their natural environment, and create engaging content that prompts your followers to constantly be involved. SO MANY COFFEE SHOPS should be taking advantage of this service because it creates community and helps your customers get to know your baristas. How do you create a regular customer flow with people who return over and over again? You let them see who you really are. You engage with them. You reply to their comments and ask about their vacation, or their dog, or their event coming up. It’s all about being interested in them, and I can help you do that.

Includes: 5 posts per week (I don’t post on weekends because that’s when I’m out enjoying my fam!) - custom photography and the occasional styled shoot (please note: most of my photography is going to be “lifestyle” - where the baristas are simply in their natural habitat, making coffees, laughing with each other, etc) - custom content - custom hashtags

I will also keep an eye on your analytics and send you a weekly report of growth. We can establish realistic goals together.

  • Add-on: Website Management - $50/mo

  • Add-on: Website Creation - $200 one time fee

  • Add-on: Facebook Page Management - $100/mo

Phone: (907) 223-4457 (Please text!)

Testimonials from my soulmate clients

I’ve worked with Allie on several occasions and she is phenomenal! She has assisted me with maximizing my social media presence, web design, event planning and more. She has been my go-to when it comes to launching new businesses and ideas, as well as a great source of creativity! I recommend her as often as possible!
— Sharita Napper, Alaska Fashionistas
Honestly, I couldn’t recommend Allie more highly. Beyond just her general competency at pretty much everything I’ve thrown at her, she is also extremely reliable and has a great personality...which, honestly, are two things that are really important to me and I think make all the difference! I’ve been working with her for a few months now, and I have to say she is very capable. She enjoys her tasks, always completes them on time, is consistently readily available, and asks questions if she needs clarification. I guarantee that, regardless of the tasks, you’ll be glad you hired such an exceptional woman.
— Miranda Nahmias, The VA Vault
Allie is always willing to dive in, try something new and just figure it out. She is a go-getter with a positive attitude. As a new entrepreneur, I needed someone who could just guide me through the many systems that I needed to get set up and, unlike many other VAs in my experience, Allie was a ‘jane of all trades’ and had a positive attitude throughout it all!
— Hayley Collins, Hayley Collins Coaching
Working with Allie was so great. She is a go-getter and has amazing ideas! She really provided a ton of high value to each project she helped me with. Allie’s knowledge about a variety of platforms is helpful because she can jump right into a variety of tasks. Allie is a virtual assistant that will add a whole new level of productivity to any entrepreneur.
— Emily Swanda, Emproved Life Coaching

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