For Busy Business Owners

You don’t want just another virtual assistant.

You want someone who gets your business, really and truly.

You need to know that when you go on business trips, your business won’t collapse in your absence. You need to know that there’s someone out there who shares your vision for your business and gets behind its mission 100%.

You need a business partner. A person who will be in it, with you and for you. You are seeking someone who can brainstorm, generate ideas, and then turn around and implement them. You need a biz bestie.


You’re driven. You’re dedicated. You’re busy. Whether it’s constantly traveling for vacations or business trips, you’re always in and out and you need someone who can handle things when you’re there AND when you’re gone.

You aren't afraid to invest in what your business needs because you believe in its future so powerfully.

Deep inside, you crave a connection with someone you can message at any point in the day if you've had an idea and brainstorm with them. You desire a super strong relationship with someone who can help your business, but who can also take things off your plate to help you personally.

You deserve spa days. You deserve vacations.

Work with me and you can have those things. I free up YOUR time so that you can focus on the things that make you money, meaning more trips, more freedom, and more nail salons.


What can I do for you?

You can read more about my journey to where I'm at today on my about me page, but here's a quick summary:

  • I started as a VA. Worked for 6 months under an experienced businesswoman who was mentoring VAs.
  • Left, started my own business, and had a $5k month right away.
  • I know what I'm doing when it comes to what works and what doesn't, and I'm not afraid to TEST things.

I'm a graphic designer, a funnels strategist, and an all around awesome implementer of ideas.

Here are the details of everything I can offer you:

  1. Community management, whether that's on Facebook or a forum
  2. Graphic design; I can design your website or simply create graphics in your branding for social posts and blog posts
  3. Pinterest management; I'm a whiz with Tailwind and Boardbooster and can get your blog posts SEEN, or your offerings, if you don't blog
  4. I can manage your funnels
  5. I can create funnels for you to sell your products or services
  6. I'm skilled with ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Wave, PayPal, ClickFunnels, Zapier, etc. - a ton of softwares
  7. I use Adobe - Illustrator and Photoshop
  8. I'm a hobbyist photographer and can help you with headshots or product photography
  9. I'm a blog content strategist and can do everything from planning out your content strategy to creating content for you
  10. I'm excellent at copying voices - I can speak how you speak online and mimic you should I need to post under your account
  11. I'm a whiz with Grum, Planoly, and Instagram; stories, hashtags, etc - I'm your girl
  12. So. much. more

Think my services would be beneficial to you? Looking for a partner in crime and want to have a call with me?

Let's do this. Below, you can apply to work with me.

***PLEASE NOTE: There are only two spaces to work with me each month. I like to pamper my clients and really get to know them. As such, I cannot open my time to any more clients than two.


Want to work with me, but not 1:1?

I have a solution for you! Each month, I host two hot-seat calls in my mastermind, the Dream, Organize, Implement Mastermind. I help you go from an idea to breaking it down into achievable goals to implementing the dreams into your business and life. If you feel like you need a space that is genuine, authentic, and honest, join me! I'm always straightforward and up front with you. I promise you this community is what you've been looking for.

Join the Dream, Organize, Implement Mastermind here