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Hi gorgeous! Wow. I'm so happy you're here! I am guessing you're looking for some seriously awesome website design if you've stumbled across my site... which is convenient, because that's what I do! 

Using Squarespace and Wordpress, I create designs that make sense for my target audience: clean, dynamic, and unique. 

Book clients on autopilot.

All it takes is a functional website. Surprising? I know - I didn't think my website mattered either when I first got started. But then I set up a website that WORKS - this one!! - and discovered how EASY it was to book calls with potential clients without doing any of the leg work.

Make sales effortlessly.

You know that course you've been dying to offer to your audience, but you feel too ashamed to show off because your website is less than stellar? Girl. Let's fix that. You worked SO HARD on that content - it deserves to be shown off! When your website makes sense to your audience, they're so much more likely to buy. 


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My portfolio shows you that I can actually do what I claim to be able to do. Browse through and feel free to book a consultation to discuss what can happen on YOUR website!


Current Clients


Former Clients

Badassery Magazine: Magazine Design + Layout
I designed the layout and cover for Badassery magazine twice in 2016 and early 2017. I greatly enjoyed it and learned a lot while working with inDesign. The skills I picked up working for Badassery will help me design future layouts for magazines and create printable designs.


EMproved Life: Website Design

I did more for Emily Swanda than just website design, but that's back when I was a virtual assistant. To the left you can see her website's homepage, and under that you can see her Pinterest templates and in-post images that I designed. In addition to that, you can see how I coded a blog post opt-in/sign up form that was great to embed just about anywhere.


Logo Design

  • 1 primary logo
  • 2 alternate logos
  • fonts and color palette board

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most popular!

Squarespace Design + Setup
Branding board
Logo + 2 alternates
Newsletter header + footer
Social media banners (Twitter, FB, FB group, LinkedIn, etc)
Social media templates (for social sharing)


Squarespace Design + Setup
Branding board
Logo + 2 alternates
Newsletter header + footer
Social media banners
Social media templates
FB ads design (setup not included)
1 Sales page design (done in Squarespace or in Leadpages)
Tripwire design (a small e-book to sell at a low-dollar price point)
Opt-in forms embedded
Freebie creation (1 PDF for in-post addition)