Where are they in their business?

They are set up. They know what packages they want to offer, or at least have a good idea. They're ready for input and for someone to come in and take the reins on their website, sales pages, funnels, and emails.

Where are they currently at?

They've got a website and packages ready. They know the direction they want to take with their business. They still have a full-time job but are looking to transition and understand that this is a stepping stone.

What have they already tried?

They've tried to DIY it - to do it all alone. They're tired of trying to handle everything and have too much on their plate. 

What are they doing/trying?

They're currently attempting to market everything on their own. They're spinning their wheels looking for clients because they aren't crystal clear in their messaging. They don't have a funnel so even if someone signs up for a freebie, they don't retain that person as a lead because they kind of fall off the map after that.

What are they thinking?

"Ugh. This will never work. I'll never be able to quit my job and live the free lifestyle."

"Do I even really need funnels and systems?"

"Maybe I can do this without all the systems and emails and stuff."

What do they ultimately desire?

They want freedom, to get away from the desk, to breathe freely without tons of pressure to report to someone. They want to help women like themselves. They have a huge desire to impact the world in a big way. They want to travel and explore and feel excited about life.

What are they Googling?

"how to create an email funnel"

"email marketing basics"

"what systems do I need to start my coaching business"