Passive income.

Everyone is talking about it. Why? Because everyone wants to sip martinis on the beach while listening to Justin Timberlake drop some falsetto. Here's the thing, though... Passive income doesn't just stroll up to your door and let itself in. 

It takes hard work and lots of up-front strategy to make the dream happen.

I know, I know; nobody wants to hear that. THAT is why people like me exist!

So what do I need, Allie?

Well, for starters, you need an excellent freebie that will funnel your readers/subscribers into a sales funnel. Not sure how that works?

So you get a landing page software, like Leadpages, and then you bring someone on, like me, to set up all your tech. I come in and wave my little Sailor Moon wand around and poof! Suddenly, you have a freebie that is beautifully displayed on an opt-in page, which, once your reader has signed up for, redirects them to a quick "tripwire" - which just means they're offered something low dollar and only for the next 10 minutes. They can opt out of this if they want. Based on that decision, they get a series of emails, which I've already set up for you at this point, that either sell the tripwire to them again at a slightly higher price or nurture them and thank them for buying, while delivering what they bought and the freebie.

Then, because we don't do anything halfway here, we take them on a journey with us through a sales funnel. This will typically span about 8 days and contain about 8 emails.

It's a fun journey, I promise. And when I'm done with you, people will LOVE reading your emails!

What sorts of packages do you have, Allie?

I'm so glad you asked, because I have a handy dandy little listicle here for you. Read on, warrior!



A landing page, a freebie (5 page PDF), a tripwire, a 5 email funnel to offer them a mid-priced product. Does not include any social media content or graphics. Must have Leadpages or Clickfunnels** or a website.



Two landing pages, 2 freebies, 1 tripwire, 8 emails to help you sell your program or offering, 5 social media graphics and 5 social media posts for you to share however you like. All graphics are custom and I can work with the branding you already have or do something simple (ie., timeless/flexible). Must have Leadpages or Clickfunnels**. 



*Each graphic gets ONE revision. Each piece of copy gets two rounds of revisions.

**While I am not limited to Clickfunnels and Leadpages, I have not worked much in anything else, so I'd be willing to learn but you'd have to be patient with me.

Let's work together.

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