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For years, I have immersed myself in the ins and outs of online businesses... from a VA standpoint. After retiring my virtual assistant skill set... I realized I missed being so in touch with sales, client acquisition, and marketing.

I needed to find a way to incorporate my passion for graphic design, landing pages, and freebie creation, plus email content creation into ONE offering. That's when I realized it: I'd be fabulous at funnels.

I also knew I couldn't get a fancy office job... because I love my pink converse too much.

I'd never considered going into funnels. It all seemed so complicated. I'm a simple girl. I like WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM marketing. In your face, real as it gets methods. If you do too... you're in the right place.

clever funnels for clever girls.

Does the term "funnels" intimidate you? It used to intimidate me too. Like... what does it all MEAN?

Here's the straightforward breakdown of a funnel.

  • landing page: a place where you can display what you're offering, typically something FREE
  • freebie: what you OFFER on said landing page (usually a PDF or a video training)
  • tripwire: a low dollar offer to obtain your first YES (which means they're more likely to say YES to you again, when you offer them your CORE OFFER)
  • nurture sequence: the series of emails you send to them AFTER they've opted in for your freebie
  • sales sequence: once they've gone through the initial sequence, they get primed and dropped into your SALES sequence - which isn't as complicated as it may sound

Ladies, that's about it. Ready to DIVE IN WITH ME? Good. Because I'm literally sitting at my email, hitting refresh until I hear from you. 

Jk, I'm probably at a coffee shop because my entire life doesn't revolve around hustling. #healthandbalance


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