3 Ways to Know When It's Time for a Rebrand

You're scrolling through some thread on Facebook in some design group. You're staring at these websites that keep popping up that are just gorgeous, and you're wondering, "Why can't my website be this beautiful?" 

You've got a friend who needs a contractor or a peer who has contacted you about your services... but you're too hesitant to send them your website because it "doesn't feel like" you anymore. 

You could potentially uplevel your entire business, but your website is holding you back. 

These are all things I encounter from people every single day. "I just need a space that feels like ME." "I want a website that captures who I really am." 

I know - I get it. I redesigned a million times until recently. Creating and "living in" an online space that reflects your personality can be difficult because you, as a person, are constantly changing.

And so is your business. That's why I created this blog post! Hopefully it can answer some questions you've had.

3 Ways to Know When It's Time for a Rebrand

1. You hesitate to hand out the link.

This is a major red flag. If your website is at all behind in the curve of your business, you need to consider a redesign. Hesitation to hand out your link might be because

  • you think it's outdated
  • the information is no longer relevant
  • your services have since changed
  • the design is janky

It's time for you to do an evaluation of your website - or perhaps have a colleague do it for you - to discover what it is that is creating that hesitation. If it's design, you need to seriously consider taking action.

2. It's no longer converting.

Yes, this could partially be due to copy. This could also be due to format. However, most of the time, it's due to design. How long have you had the website? If more than two or three years, it's probably way overdue for an update. 

You can easily do this by 

  • changing the palette
  • hiring a designer to help you create a new logo + design elements
  • investing in someone to create you a highly converting homepage (speaking in terms of the layout, opt ins, etc)
  • switching layouts entirely

3. You become attached to someone else's website.

We all do it. We find another website and we oooh and we aaaah over it without thinking twice. 

But if your website is really serving you and your audience the way it should, developing an actual attachment to someone else's website likely won't happen. When you feel yourself returning to someone's website over and over and ogling their design, you need to seriously consider a hefty rebrand. 

It's time. Step away from your friend's website. Give me the mouse. 

Thank you.

BONUS: You begrudgingly log in.

***ALARMS GOING OFF*** This is a major one! You should be EXCITED and THRILLED to log into your website -- not dreading it because all the elements are off and it's too complicated! 

Blogging becomes an obligation to you. Updating your services is a drag. Your home page... well, let's not even go there. UGH.

Girl. Redesign that website! 

How many hours per day do you spend on your business? Hmmm? Promoting... marketing... connecting... developing services... performing services... etc. Look at how successful you are.

It's time you had a website that reflected your own level of success. Let's work together, okay? I want to help you design a space that just screams YOU!