Life Uploaded by Sierra Furtado

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Life Uploaded by Sierra Furtado

"All sixteen-year-old Harper Ambrose has ever wanted is to be recognized: for her zany sense of humor, her on-fleek fashion sense, and her love of all things makeup, flirty, and fun. After an awkward childhood where she fell out with her BFF Gwen and thought she'd never find her one true love, at last Harper feels as though she's finally discovered her voice in a space she never expected: on YouTube, making videos about her day-to-day life and broadcasting them to the masses.

Now an insanely popular vlogger with millions of followers, Harper balances the stresses of everyday high school life—SAT prep, boring teachers, and the mean girl clique staring her down in the hallway—with the glam, fast-paced world of online celebrity. But when one hater on Twitter starts targeting Harper in 140 characters or less, and a young British actor who's captured Harper's heart might not be everything he seems, Harper feels like her pitch-perfect life is suddenly going to pieces around her. Who better to help her pick them up and find herself again than her best friend Ellie and a certain tall, dark, and handsome someone she might not have realized was waiting in the wings for her all along?"

I read this book in a day. It was cute, fun, and definitely easy to read! If you're looking for something to dive into that involves a bit of a love triangle, the problems that teenagers face, and details about what it's like to run a YouTube channel, this is a great book for you. I actually really liked how it addressed balancing online fame with in-person bullying. 

At one point, Harper deals with a classmate putting gum in her hair as a joke, but later realizes that the girl is just jealous and develops a sympathy toward her. I found that in most ways, this book focused a lot on mature ways to handle situations and I can get behind that. 

Here's one of my favorite paragraphs from the book:

"One thing I do know is this: when in doubt, trust yourself. Trust your instincts. It's an insult to yourself when you or anyone tries to insist you be any other way than how you actually are. You are you, and I can't tell what point there really is in trying to be any type of person you're not. Unless you're a psycho killer, in which case you should probably change who you are."

Cute one-liners like this are sprinkled throughout the book. Because of paragraphs like the one above, I highly recommend this book to any struggling teenager who might be trying to break out of the mold of "average" and into the role of extraordinary. It's not easy, and there are people around you who will try to bring you down. 

I give this book an easy 8 out of 10. 
(There were only two typos that I caught.)