you're established... and you're ready to grow your business!


You've got a team and a coach and you're expanding beyond what you thought was possible...

And you're ready to grow your team. You're looking for the x-factor virtual assistant...

Someone who will blow your mind with organizational skills, an arsenal of resources, and a backpack FULL of amazing talents and abilities. You need someone who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty, deal with course student complaints, handle your email inbox, organize your calendar, and manage your business' back-end, all with one hand tied behind her back and a blindfold on. (Not to sound too kinky.) 

What if you had time to cook breakfast, experience a peaceful yoga session, and shower without concern before ever hopping onto your computer or looking at your phone? You deserve the peace and confidence that knowing your team has it handled can afford you. You deserve a day on the beach without anxiety. You have earned a weekend away at a spa without deadlines keeping you up at night.

Your team is already amazing... but you need that extra bit of "oomph!" to help you take the next step and truly fill that role that your growth is demanding from you.


Say goodbye to chaos.