Why You Shouldn't Rush to Hit Publish (+ BONUS!)

As bloggers, there can be oodles of pressure on us to just mete out articles. With an oversaturated market there is enormous demand for excessive article distribution… Whether they’re worth the substance or not. With competition from the "Full-Time 4 articles a week” blogger, for those of us whose blogs are a side hustle, the pressure can almost become too much.

 As bloggers, there can be oodles of pressure on us to just mete out articles. With an oversaturated market there is enormous demand for excessive article distribution… Whether they’re worth the substance or not. With competition from the... + the free checklist I use to curate, proof, and publish my own blog posts! Read more on the blog and save this pin for later!

There’s a subconscious mindset of “I have to publish something new right away”

… “Oh my goodness it has been 48 hours and nothing else has been published”

… “I have to email my list with something I just wrote ASAP."

Then, we cue the mental breakdown,  followed by crawling into a corner with a tub of ice cream and red hot tears!


I believe every blog should have at least one item out every week, but only if said article is actually worth putting out there! Let me be the first to tell you: never feel rushed to post.

Today I’m sharing a few reasons why you shouldn't rush to hit publish.

When reading through blogging statistics, I can’t help but be fascinated. Sometimes the numbers really blow my mind! Here’s a few that really caught my attention:

1) 90% of consumers find custom content useful, 78% believe that companies behind content are interested in building good relationships.

2) 68% of consumers are likely to spend time reading content from a brand they are interested in.

3) 60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on its site.

4) 92% of companies who blog multiple times per day have acquired a customer from their blog.

5) 61% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog.

6) On average, companies that blog receive 434% more indexed pages.

7) 81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs.

(Find more stats HERE)

These numbers are bananas!! All in all, the moral of these statistics is this: There are blog articles everywhere and yours will only succeed if you’re giving the right goods to the right people and it’s genuinely worth their time. Which leads me to my first point —


For the life of me I will never comprehend why when I go to read an article, the title promises to provide me with an answer, but the content isn’t relevant to me nor my needs at all. This is what I call a “no bueno” circumstance. In other words, not good!

Before you go on a posting spree, take a moment to review your work.

Is it relevant to your audience? Yeah, you want to get that article out there, but dear friend, will your audience benefit from it? What will they gain by taking 5 minutes out of their busy day to give your article their full attention?

It will always be considered short of wisdom when an article is published for the sake of publishing, rather than the sake of educating, benefiting, and equipping.

Your audience will judge your level of relevance according to the level of your equability delivery. Remember, your reader is the most important person to you, your blog, your business and your long lasting career. If you do not attain to their needs by delivering content you’re confident will be relevant at the moment to them, your article might as well be void. Never be in a rush to post when you’re not absolutely certain they will finish reading your article having gained something.

Can you irrevocably say the content you have curated is worth its weight in substance?

Or, better yet, have you proofed your work thoroughly to the satisfaction of your audience? The beauty of blogging stands as is: There are blogs everywhere which indicates that the platform of blogging is on a healthy rise and will maintain that edge for quite some time. Great. Tremendous. Fan-flipping-fabulous... but then there’s the downside: Because the blogging platform is on a steady rise, more blogs are entering an already saturated industry, which means — more competition, more of the same information dispersed over thousands of the “same-styled” blog and even less chance for you to standout and reach the heart of your niche.

This all means, if you are not bang on with in-depth content, your blog will suffer. When you’re in a rush to put your baby out there, you do less research, or you search ineffectively. This is doing a disservice to yourself and I don’t want you doing that to yourself. Take your time friend, it’ll be worth it.

Rushing oneself causes the heart of the content, which is being rushed, to deteriorate. Again, no bueno.

At the end of curating your article, you need to be able to say without a lick of doubt, “What I have to deliver is unique to me and you won’t catch it anywhere!” You must be able to deliver special goods which can’t be found from your competitors!


When writing your article, remember that your readers are on a hunt for gold, and they will be forever grateful if this is what they receive from you every time, no matter how long it takes. Also remember, they will stop at nothing to find it… even if it means finding it from someone that is not you! Don’t be afraid to slow down — really put the time and effort into your work and make sure every word matters, every sentence counts, and every paragraph is delivering jam-packed content for your audience to benefit from. Before you take off like the roadrunner and put your baby out there for the world to see, measure it against a few standards first.


~ Will it trigger any emotions in your audience?

~ Will it show your audience a bigger picture?

~ Have you offered either a feature or a benefit from it?


~ Are you sure your work flows?

~ Have you been rambling on and on, or is your work concise?

~ Are you providing any knowledge or mutual sentiments?


~ Have you engaged with your audience? Have they heard your voice?

~ Are your final words thought provoking?

~ Is your final push weak or strong?

These points are but a few of an extensive list you must go through thoroughly before letting your bad boy loose to the world.

Here’s a bonus for you (bet you didn’t see that coming!!):

I have a thorough checklist which tells you every single point you need to check off BEFORE you hit the send button, and why you need to do so. Never worry again if you have done enough before being ready to post your article. Get your FREE checklist and be confident every time from now on you will always have bang on articles to deliver to your audience.

Never forget: Nobody likes, wants, or will ever respect, crap!! Take the time to mull over what it is you’re wanting to get across.

Take the time to actually teach your audience.

Don’t feed them rubbish; educate and equip them! Never feel rushed to post. If you lose subscribers, then that means they’re not in it for enriching content but rather cheap quick fixes. The ones who wait understand this principle: Greatness takes time, and in the end only those who deserve to, benefit from it.

I know to core of my heart, I am not a fan of rushed content. It shows and I don’t like it. It tells me, I as a consumer, am not worth delivering great content to from a nugget of sacrificed time. Rather, I am just a number on an ever growing list. I cherish rich content I know will educate me, equip me, and demonstrate to me how I can do what it is I desperately want to do. I also understand this means I have to give the blogger and educator time to develop this content. I believe others share this sentiment. I’m a big fan of “don’t rush to post”. How about you? Do you think it’s wise to take your time? Or do you feel like it doesn’t really matter?

Author | Stephanie BwaBwa
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