How to Host a Webinar With Confidence (4 Ways I get over the fear and get in front of the camera)

 Getting in front of the camera doesn't have to be scary. You can host with confidence every single time! Here are 4 tricks I use to host webinars without fear. Pin this image for later and click through to read all my free tips!

I don't know about you, but I really struggle to get in front of the camera on a regular basis. I always feel after that I looked funny, that I talked too much or too little about one thing, that I sounded strange, etc. Just knowing that a crap ton of people were looking at ME while I couldn't see THEM makes me a little uncomfortable. However, because typically 40% of your webinar attendees will buy your product, I get over my fear of being in front of the camera, and I'll share with you how I do it!


Even though I have bullet-pointed slides to help me remember things and can usually act as a great springboard for my monologues, I still have certain things that I need to remember, such as who I'm referencing in a particular statement, or maybe where I found a specific resource on a specific website.

Having these little reminders next to me while I'm screensharing my slides means that I can seamlessly transition from my screen to my notes without anybody seeing that I'm looking back and forth and makes for a more put-together and cohesive webinar. Also, citing specific websites or sources makes you sound more informed and educated.

In addition to the notes, I have a planner from A Beautiful Mess that says #plan on the front, is super cute, and really easy to use to figure out what days I will be creating what content for the webinar, pre-live event. You don't want to create all your slides in ten minutes (unless you're a magical data unicorn, in which case, gurrrl, get it!); take some time to plan out your stuff so that people feel they can log off at the end without having to ask a ton of questions. (Although engagement is GREAT, so don't begrudge people their questions!)


The day before or the morning of the webinar, I like to call a friend on video chat and just run through my slides and my bullet points. My friend will typically talk with me about any errors or gaps she sees in the delivery of information and I adjust accordingly. This makes me feel a lot better about presenting it to my audience. 

Typically, I'll have her join like she's hosting the webinar with me - on a live Google Hangout - so that I can hear her voice and see her face. Then I'll present the slides so she can see them and she'll let me know her immediate impressions of the presentation. Some great questions to ask your friend are:

  • How do these slides make you feel?
  • How is my tone of voice when I'm speaking?
  • Are my points clear and easy to understand? 
  • What would you need to hear the most to be comfortable with purchasing my product? 
  • or, if you're not selling: What would you need to hear or see to trust me as an authority?

Then, go back through your notes to see if they match her answers. This will boost your confidence majorly, as you'll have a better understanding of how your audience will feel.


Finding someone who knows the stuff you know and co-hosting a webinar with them can be very encouraging, primarily because you get double the exposure AND double the audience. This way you know you have more than just the audience who already knows you listening in and taking notes and getting to know you. This is an essential way to gain a following, since they are watching your face and feeling a personal connection to you in the live chat. (PS. Do a Q+A at the end of your webinar. THAT is where real trust is gained.)


Sounds funny, right? But friend, let me share a little secret with you: a full face of makeup can make me feel more confident than a million email signups. And if it makes me confident, then why wouldn't I do it? I'm not afraid to say that I'm not super excited to show my bare face to hundreds of people online - and I think that's okay. Some of us just need that extra boost - amirite?

(Currently, I'm using Revlon's Super Lustrous Black Cherry lipstick and a MaryKay liner.)

Now you have my four tips that help me host a successful webinar. What are some of yours? 

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