VA 101: What Your Virtual Assistant Site Should Include

 What your virtual assistant site should include (for new virtual assistants) tips and tricks - va crash course

I'm going to be writing more for virtual assistants in the future, since I've been doing a ton of mompreneur-related topics lately. I have been through the wringer and back as a virtual assistant and definitely need to teach more of what I know to new virtual assistants! As such, I'll be starting a VA 101 series. In this series, we will have these posts:

VA 101: What Your Virtual Assistant Site Should Include (5/13)
- Learn what pages you should have on your website, how to structure your About Me page for higher conversions + bookings, and what should be on your Start Here page.

VA 101: What Skills Can New Virtual Assistants Offer? (5/15)
- Plus a free, downloadable workbook to help you assess your skills honestly. 

VA 101: How to Stay Organized as a Virtual Assistant (5/17)
- My top tips and tricks for staying organized and on top of your assignments. 

Creating your website can seem really overwhelming, especially if you don't have ANY experience with website creation. Squarespace kind of takes the guesswork out of creating your website, and I'll help you decide what pages to include. (And yes, it's totally possible to be a GREAT virtual assistant without knowing how to run/create a website! I feel like I clarify that all the time to new virtual assistants because they feel they have to know how to do everything right off the bat.)

Focus on your strengths; you'll learn new things as you go along. There's no pressure to do it all and know it all right away. 

For the purpose of this tutorial, here is what you'll need:

  • A Squarespace website (you can get a free trial website by creating a new account right now, then pay to get it all set up once you have it the way you like it)
  • A high quality photo of yourself
  • Your packages + pricing handy (or you can wait a till the 15th when the skills post comes out so you can figure out what to offer!)

Not too complicated, right? Let's get started!

What Your Virtual Assistant Site Should Include

Let's first talk about what links should be in the navigation. Obviously, you are welcome to mix and match if you feel especially convicted about it one way or another, but this is how I recommend a new virtual assistant set up their website navigation. 



A start here page is simply a broken down mission statement. It includes a one-liner at the top stating what you do or what services you offer, then has a blurb about you with a high quality headshot or picture of you, plus quick links to your services page, more detailed about me page, and your unique booking link. 

The start here page is a landing page, and should be treated as such. More pictures, less text. More of a dynamic feel. The reader shouldn't have to spend too much time on it and they should quickly bounce to another page because you made it EASY for them to do so. 


Your about me page CAN be highly converting - you just have to know how to write it! Here are some common tips, explained.

  • Your about me page should be about your reader, not about you.

But... it's MY about me page, right? So shouldn't it be about me? Well, yes and no. Your about me blurb should be about you... but it should be formatted in a way that speaks to your ideal client and shows them your strengths. Instead of writing just to say all the things you've done or all the things you might do in the future and what color walls your living room has (or what the name of your cat is), write it in such a way that your potential clients feel a light bulb moment when reading about you.

Here's an example of poor about me text that won't convert:

"I'm Allie! I'm a sunglasses-loving, beach-sitting expert with lots of Blu-Ray DVDs and a collection of stuffed unicorns! I LOVE to help people out and that's why I became a virtual assistant! On a typical Monday morning you can find me planning out my week and instead of going out on Fridays, I love snuggling with my puppy (Gobie) and sipping tea. I'm a young professional living in California with my husband!"

Etc, etc. Okay, it's cute. Someone might smile or connect to you in a human way, but they probably won't hire you based off that blurb. You've told them who YOU are, and what likes/dislikes you have judging by what you wrote, but they have no idea what YOU would mean to THEM if they hired you.

Here's an example of a converting about me text:

"I'm Allie! A few years ago, I found myself struggling to have the time to create and format blog posts, sit on the beach to work on my tan, and run my social media accounts effectively all at the same time. My dog, Gobie, will tell you I spent far too much time sitting at the dining room table, scratching my head and drinking way too much coffee to keep myself awake while I figured out all this blogging stuff. 

I thought, what if there was a person who could help me out with all this stuff?

Turns out... they were everywhere. You know what I did? Instead of hiring someone, I became that person. I studied, studied, and studied - then launched a basic website and starting booking clients. 

It's been years since then, and now I confidently offer services like copywriting and graphic design in addition to basic virtual assistant services (like formatting blog posts, scheduling emails, etc). 

I love my life, my work, and my clients. My husband loves my work too, since it frees us up to go to California beaches together! I'm always welcoming new clients, so be sure to check out my services page here."

See how I informed the client that, were we to work together, they'd have an all in one virtual assistant who saw a need and filled it? They understand that I'm determined - I went out and learned all this stuff just so I could offer them as services - and they see that I live a comfortable, stress free life. Nobody wants to hire a stressed-out, hot mess basket case. You know? If I'm going to hand over the lifeblood of my business to a woman I'll probably never meet in my whole life, I want to feel confident that she won't quit an hour later. Or a week. Or a month. I need someone reliable, confident, and happy. 

  • You should have a professional picture (or at least a high quality headshot).

Here's the thing: I wasn't sold on this for a LONG time. I thought, agh!! Why?! Nobody cares what my profile picture looks like, right? They just want my services. This random one will do. 

Turns out, it did matter. I finally broke down and had my husband take pictures of me downtown using our nice DSLR. They were on-brand (color-wise) and there were pics of me using my phone, sitting at a table outside a cafe, and in front of a giant sign that said "cafe". It really represented my love for coffee and cafes. 

When I began posting these high quality pictures with my helpful tips and tricks articles, I immediately began booking clients. As in, the FIRST time I posted, I booked 2 clients that week. The second time I posted, I booked 1 more. I was almost full at the end of a week because I used branded, fun photos to go along with my posts that I was making ANYWAY. 

Hello You Designs


Each service should be clearly defined and easy to understand. For example, you DON'T want something like this:

"Let's get your social media in order! $200
> Includes a phone call"

That's so super vague. Instead of that, say this:

> Ever wondered exactly what you should be doing for your social media every day? Wondered how on earth you'd outsource your social media? It's far too disorganized for even you to know what you're trying to accomplish on a regular basis! Try this service on for size. We'll meet on a phone call, discuss each social media platform in detail, and afterward, I'll send you a customized PDF of each step that goes into creating an epic social media post on each platform, as well as tailored suggestions to help increase your conversions and clicks."

Detailed, easy to read and understand.  

You can choose whether or not to include pricing - I prefer to simply so I can weed out people looking for super cheap pricing. I'm not super expensive, but I definitely have too much experience under my belt to charge $10/hr. 


This link can either go directly to your booking program (think Satori, TimeTap, Calendly, etc) OR it can link to another page that describes what they'll get in their consultation. I recommend the latter, since sometimes I personally won't book something if I have no idea what I'm getting. I have to immensely trust someone to book without any further details.