Traffic Report: November 2016

 Traffic + Pageviews Report: November 2016 from Allie Williams Co.

These monthly traffic updates will help me stay accountable and might even inspire someone along the way! I'll be sharing with you how I'm going about gaining traffic, how MUCH traffic I'm getting, and screenshots to prove it. Interested? Yay! Keep reading.

What I'm Doing for Traffic

Primarily, Pinterest. I'm part of lots of Tailwind Tribes and I have a TON of group boards on Pinterest that I pin to fairly regularly. I also released a new freebie and have been blogging about three times a week, average. I've been identifying what my target audience is struggling with and addressing those problems in each post. I also share some of my posts on Instagram, and each post gets shared onto my Facebook page and my Facebook group (which has 200+ members). 

In a nutshell:
Facebook, both group and page
Pinterest, both Tailwind and group boards
Some Twitter here and there

 Pageviews + Traffic Report: Allie Williams Co.

This is the weekly Squarespace report. I don't have Google Analytics set up yet for this website, since I'm a lazy bum and haven't gotten around to it. Or maybe I've just been swamped with work. There's that too.

Page Views + Traffic Report

1,890 Visits
3,139 Page Views
1,456 Audience Size

To be honest, I don't know what a lot of this means. I know it's doing pretty well, and I have goals set to raise those numbers but I'm not sure what the difference is between visits and audience size. Perhaps that I have 400+ returning audience members? *shrugs*

Traffic Goals for December 2016

In keeping with setting goals for the NEW YEAR (can you believe it's freaking almost JANUARY?!), I want to also mention my traffic GOALS for this month.

4,500 Visits
5,000 Page Views
4,000 Audience Size

These numbers are definitely NOT outside my reach. I just need to keep doing what I'm doing and I'll start to see a steady rise. I know because I'm well aware that PRACTICE makes PERFECT and that with a little patience, you can do anything! :) 

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To finish up, here's my Monthly screenshot:

 Page Views + Traffic Report: Allie Williams Co.