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The Best Quiz Tool On The Internet: Interact Review // Allie Williams Co.

You've probably seen quizzes all over. Everyone's doing them! I was trying to use LeadQuizzes for a while, but it sucked, to be honest. Plus, support was terrible. We hardly ever got a helpful response. And we didn't know how to make them pop up in a separate window when clicked. Like, it was a mess.

Then, I was approached by Interact Quizzes to be an affiliate, but of course, they wanted me to try it first so I could 100% get behind the product. And try it, I did. I loved it. Super easy and intuitive to use.

I created a quiz for my new friends who were thinking about becoming a VA (you'll see that in a screenshot below) and it basically let them know if they were ready to be a VA or not yet. Then, provided options for them to learn more or get some training.

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The dashboard in Interact isn't all complicated or disjointed - everything is in one place. It has stats for your quizzes - which are the most popular, which are performing better, which has the most opt-ins, etc. It also has a section for you to funnel people into your email list, and I was using ConvertKit at the time. It connected seamlessly with ConvertKit, which was epic.

The Dashboard in Interact

The Best Quiz Tool on the Internet: Interact Review

From here, you can edit, share, or view the analytics of each individual quiz. Although I primarily use the quiz function, you can also create polls and giveaways through Interact.

Interact Analytics

The Best Quiz Tool on the Internet: Interact Review

The analytics are really simple and easy to read. Plus, it lets you break it down into leads, statistics, and it even lets you see each individual question on the quiz and how it has performed with your viewers.

Creating a Quiz With Interact

When you click "Create a Quiz" with Interact, it'll ask you if you want to start from scratch or use a template. 

The Best Quiz Tool on the Internet: Interact Review

If you select Template, it'll ask you to choose from a TON of categories... here are a few.

  • Blogging
  • Beauty
  • Automotive
  • Coaching
  • Family & Parenting
  • Travel

and so, so many more. They actually have 20+ categories for you to choose from.

Interact has three different quiz categories.


Test knowledge in fun ways. Each quiz question will have one correct answer.
Example: How much do you actually know about the world cup?


Make your own version of the classic personality quiz. Each quiz taker will see a personality type that applies to them and can be shared.
Example: What kind of marketing superhero are you?


Make your own version of a scored quiz. Each answer has a score value associated with it and each quiz taker will see receive a score that corresponds to a unique score range.
Example: What is your marketing IQ?

The Best Quiz Tool On the Internet: Interact Review

Then you can choose from whatever template you like. Honestly, it is pretty time consuming to change out all the options, especially if you already know the platform. When you're first getting started, though, it's probably an easy way to get to know the ins and outs of creating quizzes. 

You can customize the heck out of your quiz. Cover photo, title, description, and the button text. Oh, and you know what's really cool? They're in the BETA stages of a branching logic editor, where you can literally lay everything out and map out the results of your quiz based on answers. It's kind of the best. 

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The Best Quiz Tool on The Internet: Interact Review
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