How to See What's Being Pinned From Your Website On Pinterest

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I spend too much time on Pinterest. I'm in love with Tailwind because it makes sure that things are going out - even if I'm not on Pinterest, which I should be much less, but instead, I just look up more pictures of pink Converse and VSCO recipes. Anyone else? (Just me?)

If you want to see what's being pinned from your website onto Pinterest, I have a super easy way for you to do that! It's what I've been using for years to see WHO is pinning my stuff - which in turn, tells me that they've been to my website and honestly, that's just plain exciting. 

Pro Tip: Use this method to engage with the people who are pinning your content. Click through and like, comment, and then pin one of their pins if they're applicable to your brand. This way, your Pinterest followers will feel extra special and keep the pinning rolling!

I think brands have gotten lax when it comes to Pinterest, but it's really my #1 source of traffic and as such, I believe in nurturing, which means I have to put in the time to like and comment and pin some of their content. It's so, so important and I can't stress it enough!

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Let's get on with it, shall we?

How to See What's Being Pinned From Your Website on Pinterest

This is seriously so easy, you're going to roll your eyes.

Go to Pinterest.

Type in:

That's it. That's all you do. Like, what?! Easiest hack ever. 

Here's how mine would look:

How to See What's Being Pinned From Your Website onto Pinterest // Allie Williams Co.

Plus... you can use this to check out your competition to see what's getting pinned the most. ;) That way you can craft content to compete with it!

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