Mindset Exercises for Entrepreneurs

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Whether you're in coaching or you're a virtual assistant, every entrepreneur needs mindset work. 

Our mindset reflects our core feelings - how we truly see ourselves and how we translate that image into reality.

Some find that "mindset work" is too "woo-woo" for them and so avoid the topic altogether. While I understand this misconception, it is truly just a misconception! Mindset work is nothing more than rewiring your thought process and your belief system. 

Affirmations, manifestations, and meditations are all an important part of mindset work. 

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While you don't need to sit on the floor with your legs crossed, humming ancient medleys with a bunch of lit candles, meditation is a necessary part of being an entrepreneur. It allows you to slow down, turn off your brain for a few minutes, and relax. 

Here are a few mindset exercises for entrepreneurs that I put together based off phrases I personally use and exercises I've done, either in the past or currently.

Mindset Exercises for Entrepreneurs

I'm going to try to get as detailed as possible with you, but sometimes things I'm really passionate about get all jumbled in my mind! I'm sure you can understand. :)

1. Write out your goals and plans for the future.

Get as specific as possible, down to the dollar and cent if possible. Also outline any sorts of events you wish to attend, any life changing alterations you plan to make, and any relationships you want to manifest in your life. As you write these, make sure your phone is on silent and there are no distractions. This is the most important part of creating your mindset ritual because now is when you decide what you're going to MAKE happen in your life. 

2. Create a schedule.

In creating a routine that works for you, you're committed to doing your mindset work each and every day. It's not optional - and it can't be optional if you want to reach a high level of performance in your life, business, and health. Here's a bit what mine looks like:

  • Wake up around 630am
  • Brew coffee
  • Make bed
  • Take shower
  • Brush teeth in shower
  • Get dressed
  • Read affirmations aloud
  • Speak my doubts, then rephrase into positives
  • Spend 5 minutes writing positives about myself (thanks to Be a Warrior Queen for this one)
  • Sit down with my planner and outline my day

About mid-day, I tend to re-read my affirmations out loud so that I can maintain the same level of confidence. If I start to feel a bit of stress creep up on me, my mood tends to get a bit darker so I stop and sit down in the middle of my floor, close my eyes, and try to empty my brain. There is ALWAYS enough time to take care of YOU before you complete an assignment. You are the most important cog in your business and without you, there IS no business! :)

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3. Rewire your brain.

Negativity overwhelming you? Is there a particular situation in which you feel jaded? I used to feel that way about marriage - every time someone said they were getting married I was like, DON'T DO IT! Even after I was married myself, I struggled with the concept. I began a routine one day that fixed my little problem. (I know it's not a life-changing problem, but it irritated ME to feel that way about something I had committed to.) Every time I thought or said something negative about marriage, I simply stopped, said, "No, I don't believe that. I DO believe that __________ is true and that is how I feel about marriage."

IT WORKED. It took a few months, admittedly, but I no longer feel this urgent sense of someone making a mistake when they're getting married. I altered my mindset dramatically and now I believe that by telling myself I can do it, I can do it.

That's really what this post boils down to.

What you TELL your brain you can do, YOU CAN DO.

It's up to you. Will you succeed?

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Do you believe in mindset work? I grew up feeling like it was too woo-woo to practice, but changed my mindset on it and have seen AMAZING results. Have you ever seen amazing results? Do you practice regularly?