How to Send the Perfect Pitch Email

Have you ever come across a blogger that you really admired right off the bat and thought, Gee, I wish I could be their VA. They seem like they really have it together and I'd LOVE to be on their team! Plus, I see a couple of ways I could really help their business run more smoothly or more efficiently!

 How to send the perfect pitch email + a free swipe file!! Get the exact email I send to cold leads, word for word.

I have too. In fact, it happens almost daily. I have a passion for fun, bright websites and people who have a lot of determination. Turns out, lots of bloggers are that way and I'm inspired by them all the time. So how do you go from "just stumbled across their site" to "dream working relationship"? 

I'm going to share my secrets for writing the perfect pitch email to a totally cold lead in this blog post. We're going to break it down in to sections, and you'll also have a chance to snag the exact copy I use to email my cold leads. I'm excited!

How to Send the Perfect Pitch Email

First of all, there is no ONE WAY to send a good pitch email. That's why I'm breaking it down for you, but you won't ever hear me say "You have to include this" or "You must say that". I believe in each virtual assistant being different and owning their stripes/colors/pattern that makes them unique. With that being said, let's dive in!

Personalize, personalize, personalize!

Each lead is different. Their website will be different, their needs will be different, and their personality will be different. When you download the swipe file from me (below) that contains the email copy, there will be sections highlighted that I suggest you edit. 

If you're crafting a template to be sent out to all potential leads, having a few sections that you can customize is smart. Personally, I like to ALWAYS include their first name in the salutation, then include a couple of things in the intro that I really LOVED about their site or online business in general. For example, I'll say:

Hi Linda!
I found your website via ____ and I have to say: I'm SO impressed! What gorgeous colors! Also, the offerings you have available to your target audience are brilliant because I've really seen a lot of need for them. Another thing I really enjoyed was the blog post about _____." 

This shows her that I've spent time reading her website and getting to know her a bit. One last trick to try would be visiting her About page and studying up to find one or two random facts about her and mentioning them in the email. This makes the potential client feel like you really have their best interests at heart, since you clearly have already invested time in this budding relationship.

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Include a stellar signature.

My blogging buddy friend, Whitney, referred me over to Wisestamp, and now I'm going to turn around and refer you there as well. (Thanks Whit!) I have an obsession with things that keep me organized (read as: I have too many task management programs and I only use half of them) and that really help other people understand who I am and what I do in a quick manner. We're all busy, time-pressed business ladies. We need to know what you're about, and FAST. 

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If you're constantly wanting to book clients, I suggest including your booking link directly in the Wisestamp signature. If you don't WANT to book calls with potential clients without talking to them first via email, I suggest not including it. I fall into the latter category. I like to really get to know the needs of my potential client BEFORE I hop on a call with them so I can suggest some solutions.

Other things to include in your signature might be your latest blog post, your services page, and your social media. Obviously, a 1-2 sentence bio should probably be included.

Remain goal oriented!

When you're writing your email, try to keep the end goal in mind. Do you want them to book a call with you? Hit reply and answer you via email? Visit a certain page? Obviously, the end END goal is to have them book with you, but they won't do that from one email alone, as I'm sure you already know. Hence, it's important to have each of your stages be goal oriented. 

Be clear and concise.

What is it that you'd love to do for them? What ways can you help them? If I discovered an amazing website and I thought, "Oh my goodness, I could totally help them by creating a footer that truly converts," I would incorporate that into my email. For example:

"When I was scrolling through your website, I noticed that you haven't done much with your footer. I had some ideas to help you create a footer that really converts and brings in new email leads for you more frequently if you'd like to hear them!"

Your writing - trust me, as someone who has experimented with this plenty - should always be suggestive and never critical. :)

Write it all down.

One great thing to do is to remember WHAT you said and to WHOM. Make sure to write it all down in a notepad or in an online tool like Evernote. Then, set alarms for yourself using your Google calendar or your iPhone so that you remember to send them follow-ups. I suggest only one follow-up if they never responded, but two if they did respond and nothing ever happened when you sent them your booking link.

Leave a comment and let me know if you liked this post below! xo!

PS. My amazing friend Denise (a phenomenal VA) recommended 10 cold emails per day. Rinse, repeat. This is the best way to start getting the conversations flowing and to start booking calls. Good luck, lovely!