How to Design Pinterest Templates in Photoshop

 How to Design Pinterest Templates in Photoshop

If you were to look through my files on my computer, you would probably sit back and look at me with a slightly stunned demeanor and ask, "What is UP with the templates, Allie?!"

And I would tell you: you obviously don't have templates if you need to know why I have them. :) Templates save time, money, effort, and brain power. Once you've come up with an effective design for your pins, why recreate them over and over and over? It's pointless! 

That's where the "Save As..." option comes in. We LOVE .PSD files around here. Today, I'm going to teach you how to create your OWN .PSD templates so that you don't have to waste any more time trying to figure out what your pin should look like! (Oh, and if you want to build your brand with minimal effort, this is a good way to do it, FYI.)

How to Design Pinterest Templates in Photoshop

First, open Photoshop. For this tutorial, I'll be using Photoshop CC.

Create your new document.

 How to Design Pinterest Templates in Photoshop: Getting Started + Ideal Pinterest Dimensions

Decide on the sorts of images you want in your pins.

There are tons of options! I personally use Haute Chocolate Styled Stock, but you can use whatever you'd like! I'll be using a shot from the Winter Black & White stock set for this template creation.

Go ahead and plop an image in the background of your pin, like I have in the screenshot below.

 How to Design Pinterest Templates in Photoshop With Haute Chocolate Photos

Next, we're going to apply a new layer. On the right hand side, you should see a tab called "Layers". Click on that, then add a new layer. Or, simply hover over "Layer" at the top in the navigation and click "New" and "Layer" once again.

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Now, fill your layer by selecting "Edit" and then "Fill". Choose a color that you want as your overlay. I'm going with black.

Your image will disappear and be replaced by the color you selected, but don't freak out! Your image is still there - it's just BEHIND the color. Now we're going to take down the opacity of the color layer - meaning we're going to make it see-through. You can do this by clicking on your layer in the "Layers" panel and moving the slider next to Opacity.

 How to Design Pinterest Templates in Photoshop with Haute Chocolate

Create your overlay.

I set my opacity to 70% to darken the image. You can still see it clearly, but this way, when we write white text over it, there won't be any difficulty in reading the words.

Next, decide whether you want to block out your text or leave it simply hovering on the background image. Personally, I'm going to let it hover without adding a background, but I'll show you both ways so you can see the difference.

 How to Design Pinterest Templates in Photoshop

Here is how I'm going to create MY template:

 How to Design Pinterest Templates in Photoshop

I added white text in varying fonts onto the black background. I also added a black stroke to each of the words to make the text REALLY pop. You can do this by double clicking on the text layer in the "Layers" panel and selecting "Stroke". 

 How to Design Pinterest Templates in Photoshop

Save your template!

Lastly, because we're making this a template, you'll want to hit "File", then "Save." Ensure that the file is saving as a "*.PSD, *.PDD" and NOT a .PNG or .JPG. You will be able to open your .PSD file over and over and edit the text and image. 

Make sure you save that .PSD somewhere that you'll return to and save it as "PINTEREST TEMPLATE" or "_____ TEMPLATE" so that you can find it. 

Let me give you a quick guide to editing your template once you've re-opened it to create a new pinnable graphic. 


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How to Edit Your Template

Open a photo in Photoshop that you want to use as the background of your template. I'm going to use a photo from Haute Chocolate's Luxe pack. Hit "Ctrl+A" to select all, then hit "Ctrl+C" to copy your image. 

 How to Design Pinterest Templates in Photoshop

Then, select the layer that contains the image from your template. 

 how to design pinterest templates in photoshop

Go ahead and delete that layer. 

 How to Design Pinterest Templates in Photoshop

Now there's no background except the 70% black layer and my base color. I'm going to go ahead and paste that image I selected already in between Layer 1 and Layer 3. 

I had to resize my image once I had pasted it, but I did it quickly and with ease by hitting the Shift key and grabbing the corners of my image and pulling to resize. Make sure you hit the shift key or your image will be disproportionate! Awkward!

Next, simply change your image text and you're done! You can hit "Save for Web" so that it saves as a .PNG (which is good, high quality), and voila!

Congratulations! You now have an excellent resource to refer to over and over again. 


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