How I Get Paid Creative Market Products for Free

 How to get Creative Market products for FREE

Welcome back to the blog! I'm a HUGE believer in getting things for free. (Don't mistake that for being cheap - I just believe that you should take the free where you can get it and pay for what you can't get for free. It's smart business.) And when I realized that I could be getting my resources for FREE from Creative Market... I was like, what have I been doing with my life?

Once I had set up a few systems and nailed down a couple processes, I watched as the dollars rolled into my Creative Market credit account. It was so easy that I had to laugh. So today, I'm going to share with you how I get paid Creative Market products FOR FREE!

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All you need to get started is a Creative Market account, so go sign up right now!

How I Get Paid Creative Market Products for Free

Step 1: Getting Started With Creative Market

After you've created your membership with Creative Market (it's free!), click on "Promote" at the top of the screen. This will allow you to become an affiliate to start promoting Creative Market products as soon as you're approved. Don't get scared away by the thought of being an affiliate - I'm going to show you my SUPER SIMPLE trick to getting started, easy and free.

Here's why being an affiliate for Creative Market is so killer.

  • They cookie your referrals for - not 1 month, not two, not three, but TWELVE MONTHS - a whole year!
  • You get TEN PERCENT of every sale! That's quite a lot for a larger company like this.
  • They provide a ton of creative resources for you to use, as well as easy-share URL add-ons that make getting your affiliate link out there SUPER seamless.

Step 2: Market Your Link on Pinterest

I know; you're probably like, but wait. I thought we were talking about Creative Market? And we are, I promise. Hang in there.

Hop over to Canva or your favorite graphics program (I use Adobe Photoshop) and draw up a blank canvas of 786x1102. On this, you'll write something in your own brand font, like "The #1 Place for Logo Mockups" or "Designer WordPress Themes". Don't make specific promises so that these can be used over and over - things like "Designer WordPress Themes for Under $100" can be tricky because shops are always changing their prices. :)

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Once you've done that and added your logo to it and maybe a background, go to Pinterest and pin it to an appropriate board. Then, add in your affiliate link. Share that pin and the others you create like it as many times as possible!

Step 3: Share + Embed Your Links

Here's the part that won't require any upkeep: embedding your links into your website. In the Creative Market Partners dashboard, it'll have an area that says "Embed a Product" or "Embed Free Goods" and these are codes you can snag. Here's what it looks like embedded:

Powered by Creative Market

And especially in Squarespace, it's SO EASY because all you do is click the little teardrop, select "code", then paste in your html from Creative Market! And you can select the type of embedded format you want. I chose "banner" above.

When it comes to sharing, this does take a bit more work and a little bit of upkeep. Because I use Buffer, I can't easily loop posts, and I also like to keep it more authentic by creating the posts each time, so I have to do that every week. I just keep a handy spreadsheet (you can also use a Trello board or an Asana list) to be able to access my links whenever I want and then I create content that goes out about 3x weekly on Twitter. 1x weekly on Facebook. And I use Tailwind to keep my pins going out every single day for Pinterest.

And that's it, you guys. That's all! Each time someone buys something for an ENTIRE YEAR after they've clicked on my link, I get 10%. I've had 60 products sold using my referral link and thousands of people come through my link.