The Mompreneur's Guide to List Building With Quizzes

 The Mompreneur's Guide to List-Building With Quizzes

You've probably seen them on websites like Cosompolitan or Buzzfeed. You've taken them and posted the results on Facebook. Your friends have commented and laughed and pointed and shared their own results.


They get people talking, sharing, interacting - they're one of the BEST ways to market your brand and build your list. And you know what's silly? Hardly any bloggers are using quizzes to build their brand. Crazy, right?! Today, I have recorded a quick video tutorial for you to show you the dashboard of Interact, a new platform that offers quizzes, live polls, and giveaways all within their website. You'll learn how to start a quiz, brand it, add questions, add the results, and create your call to action. (You should also check out my own personal quiz here on AWC!)

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Josh Haynam, the founder, contacted me last week about a partnership. He's so friendly and straight-forward that I was immediately interested. Ironically, I had JUST been on their website the day before and was intrigued but hadn't had the time to explore it fully before receiving the email. We hopped on a phone call the same day and he explained what Interact is and what its goals are. 

 How to Build Your List With Quizzes

Interact has been picked up by greats like GAP, Birchbox, Harvard University, and Tony Robbins. I'm very impressed by its diversity and ability to create both assessments and quizzes. 

Though I didn't touch on it today, Interact also houses the potential for Facebook Live Polls and giveaways. I intend to do another tutorial on both of those so you can see them in action!

Though I'm an affiliate/partner, my tutorials for affiliates are always honest and short. I would never try to sell you something I've never even used before. Check out the tutorial below to learn how to create a quiz in Interact and build your list!

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The Mompreneur's Guide to List Building With Quizzes