10 Things I Did to Get 5.5k Page Views Per Month

 Five thousand page views per month, and I've been doing this for less than six months. Exciting, right?! I can't wait to triple that amount, but for now, I wanted to share with you how I got this far. Click through to read my tips and tricks! Pin this for later!

Five thousand page views per month, and I've been doing this for less than six months. Exciting, right?! I can't wait to triple that amount, but for now, I wanted to share with you how I got this far. While the work is easy, I would say it's simultaneously very hard because it requires LOTS of that easy work, REGULARLY. You have to be consistent! Here's a breakdown of what I did:

1. Guest posted

I guest posted on some really fun blogs! One in particular still gets me signups, and I posted for her like two months ago! :) Taking over someone's blog for a day can do a few things: 1, it gets really good ratings for you in Google's eyes. It's creating solid link-backs to your site. 2, you get to connect with and meet someone you probably wouldn't have otherwise. 3, you get your content in front of a totally different audience!

Tip: If you specialize in social media or know a lot about it, I highly recommend pitching to Amy Howard Social. (That is, as long as she's still accepting guest posts!)

2. Joined Blog + Biz BFFs

This. group. is. life. It's amazing! I'm so thankful to Melyssa Griffin for setting it up. You can join right here. 

What's so great about this group? Well, for starters, if you wanna get some eyes on your posts, there is a promo Friday thread every week and it's done wonders for my traffic! It also has a collaboration Tuesday thread that is probably my favorite. Lots of great minds come together to create amazing things!

Another great thing to do is look for questions that relate to a topic you've posted about. For example, here's what someone might post:

I just can't seem to get traffic to my blog. I feel like I've done everything! Can anyone help me?

*And I might respond with:*

I feel your frustration! I actually just finished a post on this today. It's called 10 Things I Did to Get 5.5k Page Views Per Month. Would you like the link to it?

Link dropping at random is forbidden. However, if someone requests it, it's acceptable to leave a related link in that thread. 

3. Developed my Pinterest account

I focused pretty hard on building my Pinterest traffic this year. I optimized it lots of ways, but I would say the primary thing that helped develop followers was joining group boards. They say you should only join 2-3, but I actually have 8-9 I think, and it's mega paid off! Some really great ones are Blog Babes Group Board, Blogging Boost Official Board, and Social Media Party.

Another thing I did was join a Tailwind tribe. This has done wonders for my traffic and my engagement on Pinterest! If you don't know what a Tailwind tribe is, it's a group you can join straight from the Tailwind Dashboard that other people are a part of. You all pin each other's pins and it doesn't get too out of hand, like some groups can. I love having everything in one place!

4. Scheduled lots of posts on Twitter

And by lots, I mean I was doing 3-4 per hour from about 7am to 6pm. It was a lot of work, but boy howdy was it effective! Plus, I enjoyed this little routine of getting my coffee at 6am, sitting down, and scheduling all my stuff through Buffer. Now I have a VA that handles that for me and I almost miss it!   (Jenny, you're amazing!)

5. Hosted a challenge

Back in June, I hosted a 10 day blogging challenge and it was SO FUN! There are lots of benefits that come from this, including making amazing blog friendships (shout out to Tawni and Raven!), but from a business standpoint, it creates phenomenal loyalty from the attendees. That loyalty means that they will be sharing your posts and your new products for a very long time, especially if you work hard to maintain that loyalty!

6. Gave free webinars

I've given free webinars galore in the past. They've usually brought in about 20 subscribers per webinar, which is pretty good, and I got to connect with some women that really inspired me. I also co-hosted, which meant that we had double the audience as a team. (Related: How to Host a Webinar With Confidence)

7. Wrote valuable information

All the blog posts I wrote were chock-full of information that was super valuable, including screen shots, statistics, and more! I had a lot of fun writing them, but I also knew they were necessary to my success. I consistently made (and make) my posts 900-1500 words and full of tips and tricks for bloggers.

I tried to include screenshots, bullet points, and headers in each post. Sometimes I didn't do all three, but I DEFINITELY did one of those in every post! Headers are probably the most important. When I read a blog post, I tend to skim to what I need to learn and if it's broken up into headers, it makes it much easier on me. I'll probably click off if I can't find the meat of the article quickly.

8. Followed the 80/20 rules

When I was scheduling all those Twitter posts, I used the 80/20 rule by posting 80% other people's content and 20% my own. I was sure to tag the authors of the content I shared so that they could retweet it if they wanted to. When Helene In Between retweeted me one day, my traffic skyrocketed in the next 24-48 hours! Tagging people is worth it, and tweeting other people's useful content is worth it because you become a resource for your followers.

You always want to make yourself useful and indispensable. That's how you get traffic, to tell the truth: by being useful. Offering something you learned that others might want to learn too.

9. Added my pages to StumbleUpon

This one is a somewhat uncommon practice but increases my traffic by about 2% or 3% a day. I know that doesn't seem like much, but when I was blogging with Wordpress and I could see the summary of what platforms were bringing in how much traffic, StumbleUpon was bringing in anywhere from 5 to 50 people a day. You can add your pages to StumbleUpon really easily, then stumble them daily, amongst other content. Warning: If you ONLY stumble your own content, you'll get penalized and removed. Add other content to avoid this!

10. Offered free bonuses

I asked people what they needed. Then, I created a free product based around that need. The Epic Blog Content Planner is very popular still and brings in lots of subscribers daily! You can use the Facebook groups we talked about to ask questions and get answers! 

Bonus tip: Create a blog series that addresses a problem your readers are having to keep them coming back each week! Returning traffic is always important!