Affirmations You Should Be Repeating Daily

I have an obsession with taping things to the walls. When I was younger, it was Britney Spears posters and glitter tape. Now that I'm older, it's affirmations and washi tape. I'm constantly in the kitchen by my coffee maker (because I have a problem and basically guzzle coffee like it's the last pot I'll ever get) so I have a list of 16 affirmations taped to the wall next to it.

 Affirmations you should be repeating daily - Allie Williams Co.

Every time I go into the kitchen, I read five or six aloud while I'm mixing the hazelnut creamer (the ONLY creamer that is acceptable) into my coffee. It's a really quick, really effective way to boost my self-esteem (Lord knows that could use all the help it can get) and remind myself that I'm POWERFUL and AWESOME.

Affirmations are necessary in my life. I don't want to imagine a day when I'm NOT using encouraging and positive self-talk because I am an entrepreneur who is also an introvert who also works all by herself in a lonely, creaky apartment... and it can get real dark in that brain real fast, you know?

Affirmations are necessary for you too, even if you haven't experienced their power yet. It's nothing weird or off-limits to Christians. It's not woo-woo or sacred. There aren't a bunch of old ladies in black robes with crooked noses chanting and ring-around-the-rosying me. 

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I simply take a few minutes each day to spit out some sentences and even more time later in the day to reflect on those sentences. Here are some pro tips from someone who's been doing this for quite a while:

  • You will hone in on what affirmations work for you. If at first they don't seem to be affecting you dramatically, adjust them. Your affirmations will likely be different from mine. 
  • Memorizing them is a natural side effect of repeating them over and over for weeks. Once you've memorized them, try adding more and more until you have an arsenal of affirmations to refer to. 
  • Don't wait until you're down to say your affirmations. They aren't cures or remedies - they're preventatives. 

Here are some really great affirmations you should be repeating daily (provided that they fall in line with your purpose and calling). 

1. I am powerful, I am blessed, and I am effective.

2. Everything I need will come to me if I remain positive and dedicated.

3. My knowledge is what people seek, so when I teach, people listen.

4. I am richly and abundantly blessed beyond measure. 

5. If I am patient and understanding, the things I desire will manifest themselves in my life.

Another really important thing to remember is that you should be regularly loving yourself. Take a bath, or a long hot shower, or paint your nails. Whatever it is that makes you feel loved and whole - do that. 

One great way to start is to take my friend Raewyn's free confidence course. If you go to this blog post and scroll all the way down to the bottom, you'll see an opt-in form for making confident your word of the year. I highly recommend it. 

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Another really great resource is yet another confidence course from Living Moxie. I just personally printed out her Core Values workbook and am going to stay up late tonight to work my way through it.