6 Things I'm Doing in 2018 to Be a Better Businesswoman

I have a tendency to jump headfirst into really rad things. For example, when I was ready to start a business, my first month I made $5,000+ and literally never stopped working. I throw myself into the things I believe in... but a lot of the time, my enthusiasm gets me in trouble. As in, I forget to take care of my body!

In 2018, I plan to make more time for me, my needs, and my desires. Read on to see 6 things I'm doing in 2018 to be a better businesswoman.

6 things I'm doing in 2018 to be a better businesswoman // Allie Williams Co.

6 Things I'm Doing in 2018 to be a Better Businesswoman

Enough with the working late at night and sleeping in. I'll be waking up at 530am every morning, starting Monday, the 12th. I'm sick of this vicious cycle I'm in that promotes unhealthy sleep, unproductive work times, and a lack of enthusiasm.

Speaking of unproductive work times, I'm only working FOUR HOURS A DAY. Period. This will be 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. I've discovered that holding myself back from working ALL THE TIME means that I'm ten times more productive when I DO work.

When it comes to my days, I'm not blocking out my time anymore - I'm blocking DAYS. Certain days, I'll focus on certain things, like interviews... content creation... social scheduling... implementation. To help me stay on track with tasks, I'll be utilizing the 30/30 app. This will also help with my next goal...

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Miracle Mornings! If you haven't heard of the Miracle Morning, it's a book, and it shares with you a method that I believe is incredibly powerful, and it includes visualizations, prayer (or meditation), exercise, journaling, and reading. My 30/30 app will help with this... immensely. 

Eating better - and not just portioning. I'm going keto. Which, if you read my October Bliss blog lately, you'll know that I've been trying to do this for some time. Justin (my husband, who runs his own podcast and website #shamelessplug) bought me the coolest book (below in resources) that I've been in love with but haven't really tried yet! Shame on me. So, I'll be utilizing that and my family is also keto, which REALLY helps.

Working less IN my business, and working more ON it. This means outsourcing more tasks to my VA, who you can find in the resources below, and hiring out freelancers for tasks that I'm simply overwhelmed with. 

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So tell me, babe. What are you doing for YOURSELF in 2018 that will make you a better businesswoman?

Resources I mentioned:

Things I didn't mention, but that I'm using every day: