Because when you get to that point where you have to ask, "WHAT ON EARTH am I going to write about this month and what should I be sharing on my social media?!" -- you need me.

Let's sit down for 90 minutes and plan out your content! If you know me, you know I'm a CONTENT GENERATING MACHINE. I love putting out content. But I couldn't do it without my epic spreadsheets and guides that I created to help myself develop content and know what is going to be scheduled where, and when.

This session is ONLY $97 for an hour and a half of my undivided attention (almost typed undevoted attention and then I was like, wait, that's not right). There are only a few available per month, so book them while you can!

Here's what you'll leave the session with:

  • a map of your content for the next three months in a handy spreadsheet
  • keywords, themes, and outlines
  • a strategy for posting on social media based on your sales goals
  • a strategy for sending out emails based on your sales goals

for anyone who purchases a session in February 2018...

  • a PDF that tells you what KINDS of content perform the BEST ways on what platforms!