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It's time for "Out with the old... in with the new." Got a website that doesn't convert? 


I've been there. I had this website that, initially, struck me as beautiful and high end. Then, months later, my entire business had shifted and left me with an out of date design and a low-converting presence. I was bummed.

That's why I recently rebranded as a designer. I felt the need from women all over -- the call was getting louder in my ears. 

These women wanted beautiful designs... that they KNEW how to edit. 

That's why I offer a full branding and design package, but with the additional "how to" factor, it's more than just that.

My packages are EMPOWERMENT personified. I teach you how to edit your designs, pages, colors, and more. 

Ready to feel like your online space reflects who YOU are, AND to feel empowered? Let's talk about working together!


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You need a logo that represents who you are. It goes on your business cards, your website, your signatures... you need it to say who you are, but also, what your essence is. 

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Facebook group branding


Facebook groups are a hot commodity right now! But... you need yours to stand out from the rest. Need a high end look for your high vibe group? You bet you do.

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In addition to typical design of additional objects like Pinterest pins, social media banners, and email templates, I can also design full websites. If you would like to see samples of those, please feel free to book a consult or email me at

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